About us

What makes Synceritas unique is that we are not a mono-jurisdictional law firm, nor an NGO, but a group of international human rights experts for whom the practical application of human rights principles across a wide spectrum of sectors is achievable.

We are independent human rights practitioners drawn from a host of venerable professions and disciplines from around the world. Together we form a world-class team of human rights specialists who come equipped with the sophisticated tools and deep insight required to apply this field of international law to many different spheres of human life and corporate activity.
Core Business

Core Business

Our core business is auditing corporate, governmental and civil society entities and their activities to determine compliance with international human rights norms, standards, regulation and corporate responsibility requirements. The auditing process identifies human rights compliance strengths, risks and failures and provides our clients with invaluable expert insight.  This enables our clients to proactively manage and mitigate risks, address corporate responsibilities, seize opportunities to make positive human rights impacts and to take the initiative in situations where adverse human rights impacts are identified.

Analytical reporting

Analytical reporting

We concentrate our audits on seven fundamental areas where organisations are at greatest risk of contributing to adverse human rights impacts that breach international regulatory standards and corporate responsibility requirements:

  1. armed conflict and security
  2. cyber and data
  3. environment
  4. finance
  5. labour and supply chains
  6. politics
  7. dispute resolution

These areas are representative of the wide and deep scope of the international human rights analysis that we conduct on behalf of our clients.

Risk Mitigation and Compliance Consulting

Risk Mitigation and Compliance Consulting

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